Where are all the buttons?

Our products are intentionally designed to be simple and easy to use, we want users to be able to switch on and read without the frustration and hassle of having to figure out how use them. The easier this is to do the better for anyone who requires magnification, hence the simple design of all of our magnifiers. 

Multiple buttons, colours and options does not equal a better magnifier! We have found the more there is to press and change the more complicated it becomes to use.  Lets face it, who wants unnecessary complications in their life?!! 

One question we get asked is “Why are your products so inexpensive compared to others?” 

Our core focus is helping as many people as possible to regain the independence they seek and deserve. We feel we have priced our magnifiers fairly and the remarkably low price by no means reflects compromise on quality. We are proud that our magnifiers are affordable, excellent quality and are helping so many people to read.

As advocates for the right to read, we are working towards greater social inclusion for people with visual impairment. 

When you were very young and started reading, you used to follow along on the line with your finger. Reading with our products is similar, just move the magnifier over the text and read as you move along.

Give us a call and talk to us, we can help you with any questions you may have.

To see for yourself how easy our magnifiers are to use, take a look at our YouTube channel.

Ian Bierley
Macular Week 2017

Macular Degeneration has a profound effect on the people suffering with the condition. However, receiving the right support and information can help people retain their independence.

The Macular Society hosts a different range of activities and events to raise money to continue their research to find a cure. This year, the theme of the week will be smoking and sight loss. Throughout the week the Macular Society will be encouraging as many people as possible to raise awareness of the connection between smoking and your sight.  “Smokers are up to four times more likely than non-smokers to develop age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and smokers with a genetic predisposition to AMD are eight times more likely to get the condition.”

Age related Macular Degeneration is an eye condition which affects the central part of your retina which is called the macula. It causes changes to your central vision which can make some everyday tasks difficult, it doesn’t cause pain, and doesn’t lead to a total loss of sight.  AMD affects the vision you use when you’re looking directly at something, for example when you are reading.

Here at Bierley, all of our magnifiers are designed and are ideal to help anyone with Macular Degeneration to read again; you can borrow or buy, the choice is yours.  Give us a call on 1 800 985-0535 to discuss your needs and we can match you to the electronic magnifier that will suit your lifestyle.  To take a look at what we have available, visit our online shop.

Ian Bierley